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Brief Introduction

2015-01-21 15:23:13 Author/Sorce:

      The China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park (CMQIP) is a flagship project of investment cooperation between China and Malaysia and the third industrial park jointly built by the Chinese government and a foreign government following the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park and the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City. CMQIP, together with its sister project the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP), represents a new model of “two countries, twin parks” for international cooperation on industrial parks.

      Located in the south of Qinzhou city and close to Guangxi Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area and the state-level Qinzhou Port Economic and Technological Development Zone, CMQIP has a planned area of 55 km2 and is designed for a population of 500,000.

      CMQIP will be divided into industrial, R&D, services and residential areas. The industrial area will cover 30.2 km2. In selecting the industries that it will host, CMQIP seeks to deepen existing cooperation that combines the respective industrial strengths of China and Malaysia while setting eyes on the future by fostering strategic emerging industries with a focus on equipment manufacturing, electronics and information, food processing, traditional and new materials, and bio-technology.

      In the 2.4-km2 R&D area, Chinese and Malaysian companies and leading R&D institutions from around the world will be encouraged to carry out technological exchange and cooperation in such fields as the new generation of mobile communications, multimedia equipment, new materials, bio-tech, and marine science and technology in order to gain an advantage in the international industrial chain and facilitate the integration of industries and science and technology.

      The 3.8-km2 services area will be devoted to developing modern service industries including modern logistics, finance & insurance, trade & exhibition, culture & recreation, technical consultation, service outsourcing, education & training, and regional headquarters with a view to developing both industrial and service chains and promoting coordinated development of the secondary and tertiary industries.

      The 18.6-km2 residential area will be built  on a plan of graded community services. It will be a high-end international city with a distinct Southeast Asian flavor and a modern, eco-friendly design, and a "second home" for global businessmen coming to invest and live in Qinzhou. The industries and the new city will grow together in harmony.

      CMQIP will be built in three phases. Phase I covers 15 km2, including a start-up area of 7.87 km2 to be completed by 2015. A number of projects have entered CMQIP and will begin operation in the second half of 2014.

      CMQIP aims to build a model industrial park for win-win cooperation between China and ASEAN, featuring an advanced manufacturing base, an information smart corridor, a modern eco-city with cultural depth and a platform for cooperation and exchanges. CMQIP not only serves Chinese and Malaysian enterprises but also welcomes investors from all over the world. With support from the Chinese and Malaysian governments and active participation of businesses around the world, CMQIP will serve as a new platform, driver and highlight in China’s practical cooperation with ASEAN countries.