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Location and Transport

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Only 100 km away from Nanning, capital city of Guangxi, CMQIP is the most convenient gateway to the sea in Southwest China and an important hub for China-ASEAN cooperation. It links to the road and railway networks in Chinese mainland and Pan -Asia railway and expressway links, enjoying convenient transportation.

Q: How about the road transportation around CMQIP?
A: CMQIP borders Liujing-Qinzhou expressway to the east, a gateway to the sea for southwest China, and Nanning-Beihai expressway to the north. 5 expressways have been completed, connecting the Park to majors cities of China. And the Park is connected to ASEAN countries via Pan-Asia expressway links.

Q: How about the railways in Qinzhou?
A: Railways from Qinzhou to Nanning, Beihai and Fangchenggang cities are already in use while railways from Qinzhou to Litang town and from Qinzhou port to the Free Trade Port Area are also under construction.High-speed railways to Nanning, Beihai and Fangchenggang have been already in use and It is only a 25-minute train trip  from Qinzhou to Nanning.

Q: How about the transport network in Qinzhou port?
A: The port enjoys a well-developed transport network, consisting of railways and expressways that are directly linked to the Port and connected with China’s trunk lines. Its active shipping routes lead to other parts of China and major ports in Southeast Asia.

Q: What’s the handling volume of Qinzhou port?
A: The 2013 throughput approached 100 million tons in Qinzhou port, which is rising as the trunk-line container port in Guangxi Beibu Gulf. With the channel for 100,000t ships in use, another for 300,000t ships and a number of container terminals for 100,000t and 300,000t ships are under construction. In 2013, the port handled around 60.35 million tons in terms of throughput, including 600,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit), topping all ports in Beibu Gulf.

Q: What is the distance from Qinzhou port to main ports in Southeast Asia?
A: Port of Qinzhou is 1,549 nautical miles to Kelang Port and 1,225 nautical miles to Kuantan Port in Malaysia, 800 nautical miles to Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Port, 836 nautical miles to Manila Port of the Philippines, 1,720 nautical miles to Indonesia’s Jakarta Port and 1,338 nautical miles to Singapore Port. As for the port of Hong Kong in China, the distance is 400 nautical miles.

Q: How is the aviation strength of Qinzhou?
A: It takes only one-hour drive from Qinzhou to international airports in Nanning and Beihai respectively.